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I'm Adrian and I'm a Graphic Designer, some might say an Artist, with experience in branding, production, event and campaign promotions, web, animation, photography, illustration, 3D design and other creative nonsense that didn't make the word count. I believe in there being no end to what is possible and achievable.

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I began designing back in 2002 when I started teaching myself how to use Photoshop. My skills slowly progressed to the point where I had my first freelance clients in 2006. In 2007 I moved from my home country Romania to the United States, where I decided to change my career path and take design more seriously. This led me to pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design and New Art Media at the University of North Dakota. Four years later I graduated with an arsenal of knowledge in multiple mediums, more than four years of diverse work experience and the motivation to make more and more awesome things! I am currently located in Seattle, Washington.

Latest work

I'm constantly updating my website with new work. Check back soon to see what else is up!

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Featured Projects

Below you can find some of my best creations along with detailed descriptions about each project. Click for details!

Professional Exhibition

My art exhibition 'Propell' was displayed in the Col. Eugene E. Myers Gallery on UND campus in November 2011. In this collection of works, I combined my knowledge of branding, 3D design, photo manipulation, advertising and animation to create a new store identity.

Video Game

Scheduled for test release in early 2012, UND Video game is the result of three departments and 11 students coming together to create a puzzle based multi level new world!

10-54 Animation

10-54 is a stop motion animation created using After Effects, two cameras, a green screen, some wire, glue, cardboard, and a spark of creativity by three people in less that 4 weeks.


brand new project highlight coming soon!